The luxury bed linen collection by the Swiss company Christian Fischbacher it is known for its exclusive quality of materials and beautiful desing patterns. The extraordinary sense of detail was and will always be the sign of Christian Fischbacher. For individual price quotation please contact us at


Vichy A75.312 Vichy A75.312
Vichy A75.095 Vichy A75.095
Vichy A75.010 Vichy A75.010
Floralpin B03.010 Floralpin B03.010
Floralpin B03.841 Floralpin B03.841
Persis 329.071 Persis 329.071
Persis 329.095 Persis 329.095
Tausendschön A98.271 Tausendschön A98.271
Tausendschön A98.010 Tausendschön A98.010
Le Vrai Bourdon Le Vrai Bourdon
Felino Felino
Felino verso Felino verso
Percale duo Percale duo
Pirouette Pirouette
Wintermorgen Wintermorgen
Romanum Romanum
Belle Epoque Belle Epoque
Belle Epoque verso Belle Epoque verso
Selvados Selvados
Lord Lord
Gentleman Gentleman
Sir Sir
Maritim Maritim
Avantgardening Avantgardening
Submarine Submarine
Feinsatin Feinsatin
Satin stripes Satin stripes
Artemis Artemis
Artemis Verso Artemis Verso
Le Petit Bourdon Le Petit Bourdon
Schneeflöcki A74.025 Schneeflöcki A74.025
Schneeflöcki A74.095 Schneeflöcki A74.095
Enviern A73.025 Enviern A73.025
Enviern A73.305 Enviern A73.305
Piz Piz
Mignon Mignon
Nordstrand Nordstrand
Engadina Engadina
Persian Nights Persian Nights
Pusteblume Pusteblume
Purolino Purolino
Vernissage Vernissage
Satin Accent Satin Accent
Südstrand Südstrand
Bouquet Bouquet
Bouquet des Fleurs Bouquet des Fleurs
Masterpiece Masterpiece
Rush Rush
Scribble Scribble
Satin Uni Satin Uni
Nordica Nordica
alpina alpina
Jersey uni Jersey uni
Satin Deluxe Satin Deluxe
Vogelfrei Vogelfrei
Purolino Premium Purolino Premium
Celina Celina
Valais Valais
Satin Selection Satin Selection
Blumentanz A55.006 Blumentanz A55.006
Kaleidoscope A37.301 Kaleidoscope A37.301
Kaleidoscope A37.828 Kaleidoscope A37.828
Kaleidoscope A38.031 Kaleidoscope A38.031
Kaleidoscope A38.828 Kaleidoscope A38.828
Wave A40.010 Wave A40.010
Wave A40.117 Wave A40.117
Blumentanz A34.010 Blumentanz A34.010
Lasiala Uni Lasiala Uni
Mermaid Mermaid
Sommerwiese Sommerwiese
Fine Satin Stripes Fine Satin Stripes
Satin Premium A21.509 Satin Premium A21.509
Satin Premium A35.225 Satin Premium A35.225
Sommerwonne Sommerwonne
Ameland Ameland
Flora Flora
Clocque uni Clocque uni
Le Piume Le Piume
Lascaux Lascaux
Madeleine Madeleine
Carré Carré
Chiné Chiné
Montagna Montagna
Satin Classic Satin Classic
Fragolina Fragolina
Bärli Bärli
Satin Selection 393 Satin Selection 393
Reiko Reiko
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