Christian Fischbacher

Chistian Fischbacher, son of a farmer in St Peterzell, Switzerland in 1819 decided at his short age of 16 to found a company collecting the cotton fabrics woven by the farmer’s wives and trading them in St. Gallen.

The innovation and the continuous development, together with the tradition passed generation to generation through the centuries are the keys to the success.


 World designer's luxurious bedding.

Christian Fischabacher’s linens are known for its unique and creative designs, it was Otto Fischbacher (3rd genereation) in the 1930's the one who decided to bring together the largest painting collection of Giovanni Segantini and let it print into the fabrics, making nowadays top quality linen brand among the most shaping trend brands.

Nowadays professional textile designers with deep experience in fashion, weaving and printing are the ones in charge of bringing to your bedroom the amazing designs. they regularly attend trade fairs and seminars worldwide to watch the latest international trends in the finest linen. Thanks to their ability and effort, the finest linen Christian Fischbacher regularly appears in the books of major trends and winning prestigious awards around the world.


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