King Koil

King Koil is a global leading American brand, the manufacturer of luxury bedding and mattresses. The King Koil company has the largest branch networks in the world and 39 manufacturing facilities in the five continents. Luxury King Koil beds are particularly popular for their comfort and great variability of design and size. If you are looking for quality without compromise King Koil brand is the best choice. 

King Koil collaborates with the leading  International Chiroprectors Association (ICA) that makes it the only company on the Czech market allowed to use the trademark.

100 year tradition of luxury bedding

In 1989 Samuel Bronstein realized his dream in St. Paul Minnesota, What started out as 6 employees un a small factory has steadily grown to a top-tier global corporation. today King Koil mattresses can be found in over 80 countries throughout the world, with its worldwide headquarters located just outside of Chicago, Illinois. 

Although the original goal of the company was to produce luxury mattresses and high spring box beds for residential customers, thanks to its quality and design nowadays you can find the King Koil beds and mattresses as well in the top luxury hotels around the world.

American beds

American or Continental quality beds are known as high mattress with  topper (top mattress). The finest American mattresses are composed of up to 40 layers of different materials, at King Koil mainly the manual work and experience of the company are the key of success. King Koil is primarily known for an emphasis on individual approach to its clients. It pays close attention to the design of beds and the possibility of producing customized sizes. You can choose form more than 200 upholstering materials (fabric, leather like) besides real leather. It is possible to embroider a monogram on your bed. 

Some points why you should choose King Koil

  • natural materials as cotton, wool, camel wool, horse hair, silk and natural latex are used in the mattresses
  • the latest technology is used in order to improve the mattresses 
  • customized sizes available 
  • high proportion of manual work
  • choice of more than 200 upholstering materials 
  • option to make your bed out of real leather 
  • 20 headboard designs available


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