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    Kvalitní matrace Switzerland
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    Luxusní matrace Switzerland



The Switzerland mattress is the favorite mattress amongst lovers of harder mattresses. The 5 zones pocket spring system is also the right choice for higher weight classes. The mattress is made of 18 different layers. Special felt used on both sides of the mattress ensures greater firmness on the mattress as well as helping the mattress to "breathe" and provides germ-free sleep environment.

The spring system is made of individual springs which are wrapped in interconnected pockets. The springs are placed into 5 different zones. The main purpose is to correct the orthopedic usage since they are interconnected but operate separately.



  • 5 zones pocket spring system (260 ks/m2)Detail matrace Switzerland
  • Shoulder comfort
  • 80% cotton fabric
  • A layer of flexible foam
  • Mattress height: 26 cm




  1.    300 gr/m2 top cover  
  2.    150 gr/m2 fiber mixture
  3.    17 mm HYP foam
  4.    17 mm foam
  5.    Interfacing
  6.    20 mm foam
  7.    500 gr/m2 felt
  8.    1000 gr/m2 felt
  9.    Foam
10.    Frame out of rigid foam
11.    5 zones pocket springs from stainless steel diameter of 1.6 / 1.8 mm (260 pcs / m2)
12.    Foam


  13.   1000 gr/m2 felt
  14.   500 gr/m2 felt
  15.   20 mm foam
  16.   30 gr/m2 interfacing
  17.   17 mm foam
  18.   17 mm HYP foam
  19.   150 gr/m2 fiber mixture
  20.   300 gr/m2 overlay
  21.   30 gr/m2 interfacing
  22.   12 mm AG pěna
  23.   200 gr/m2 fireproof fabric
  24.   300 gr/m2 top cover








Taštičkové pružiny

The springs in the "Pocket Spring" system are distributed individually in the interconnected fabric pockets and they are placed in the mattress horizontally to form five different zones in order to let the body distribute its weight and pressure points effectively. The distribution of the zones helps proper blood circulation. The purpose of this spring system is the correct use of orthopedic springs and to reduce motion caused by the movement of your partner so you can sleep continuously. There are more than 260 pieces per square meter, these springs are interconnected, but each one operates separately, that way the body  support is better distributed; moreover they are twice more durable than standard springs. 

Sizes and prices:


King Koil is well known for its production of customized size mattresses (eg. 205x224 cm) with an accuracy of +/- 1 cm  mattresses, the largest mattress made for a customer in Europe is size 250x250 cm. 



Price list in standard sizes
  90 x 200 cm 15.641 Kč 18.925 Kč
100 x 200 cm 18.645 Kč 22.561 Kč
120 x 200 cm 19.539 Kč 23.642 Kč
140 x 200 cm 21.024 Kč 25.439 Kč
160 x 200 cm 22.400 Kč 27.104 Kč
180 x 200 cm 22.900 Kč 27.709 Kč
200 x 200 cm 24.402 Kč 29.526 Kč


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