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The German company Mühldorfer since 1920, is a producer of pillows and blankets only from the highest quality goose feathers from geese living on farms that guarantee a first-class conditions for breeding. Despite the growing volume of production the company has retained its uniqueness due to the production in a single family factory in Germany. The company produces the best Mühldorfer feather pillows and blankets with the possibility of manufacturing customized dimensions. The Mühldorfer collection as well offers hypoallergenic blankets and pillows from a patented composition of the highest quality synthetic fiber balls.




Quality feather pillows and blankets

multhofer certifikát

All the Mühldorfer products of the company subject to certification Oeko - Tex Standard 100 Proof No .: ACB 92.0.1606 - FI Hohenstein, for Class I products (products for children). For the manufacture of feather pillows and blankets Mühldorfer uses only pure goose feather without lyocell and other ingredients. Using pure spring water from the Bavarian Forest, which contains only small amounts of minerals reaches feathers processed in the manufacturing plant Mühldorfer finished using ecologically cultivated cotton. Impermeability is particularly important for Mühldorfer. All products therefore have a twin seam.


The quality of its products convinced the company Mühldorfer not only their private customers, but also the world's leading hotels such as the Burj Al Arab Dubai, Adlon Hotel in Berlin, Mandarin Oriental, Le Royal Meridien, Mövenpick Jumeirah, InterContinental, Le Royal Meridien, AIDA Hotels, Hotel Sacher Vienna, Atlantis the Palm Dubai, the Radisson Blu Hotel and many others. To offer hotel collection companies Mühldorfer please click here.

Luxury duvets made of the most valuable down in the world.

Eiderdown is a unique natural material derived from the eider duck feathers, it is the lightest and softest down in the world. The plumage of this bird living mainly in Iceland has a high isolation capacity due to the harsh climate.

The Icelandic farmers hand collect the eiderdown from the costs at the northern side of Iceland during and mainly after the breeding season, where most of the ducks pluck their own down to  feather their nest to keep their eggs warm. The eider duck is protected by the PETA since live plucking is painful, there are just 2000 kilos available to the market each year. This facts place the eiderdown products at the top premium quality feather products.

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