Pillows and blankets

Mühldorfer has been producing quality bedding in Haidmühle in the Bavarian Forest for more than 90 years. It supplies discerning customers around the world with the finest quality feather pillows and duvets.

As a location, Haidmühle still offers ideal conditions processing the goose down in pure, calcium-free mountain spring water ensuring outstanding quality.

The company’s rapid rise to global supplier of exclusive major customers really started at a hotel trade fair in the United Arab Emirates in 1999 with an order to supply the new Burj Al Arab. Other orders from around the world soon followed.

Since then, the family company has grown into a global supplier of down duvets and pillows to the top-class hotel industry. Mühldorfer has around 50 employees and focuses on its principal sales markets of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.




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