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People spends one-third of their life sleeping in average. During sleeping the body recovers its physical function. Poor quality and inadequate sleep can threaten our physical and mental health. These problems can be avoided if you careful select a quality bed, especially the mattress. Although there is no universal instructions for choosing beds, we have a few important points, which can be helpful while you chose your mattress.

How to choose the right mattress

When purchasing a mattress for two, we highly recommend to shop together, wear comfortable clothes and try the mattresses on your usual sleeping position.  It's important to ask the shop assistance what materials are in the mattress you like at first sight, make sure you are not allergic to neither of the materials in the mattress. 

The first points to consider while choosing the right mattress are primarily consider your height and weight, depending on the sleeping position without forgetting on your personal preferences  - whether we prefer natural materials or allergy free, firm, medium or soft mattress.

Below are some basic points that everyone should consider for a quality sleep before choosing a mattress. You can get detailed information from our sales agents on every showroom.

Size and single mattresses

  • according to the person's height  -  a quite simple rule applies to choose the right length of the mattress; it should be about 20 cm longer than your height. Royal Comfort can provide you a customized size mattress  (the largest King Koil mattress delivered in Europe was 240x240 cm).
  • two single mattresses or one piece? Unfortunately there is not simple answer to this question. The best is to visit one of our showrooms and talk about the pros and cons associated eventually split mattresses.

Mattress type

  • With natural materials 
    • horsehair (collection King Koil ®  EMERALD mattress )
    • camel wool (collection Serta ® LYRICS and GISELE mattress)
    • natural latex (collection King Koil ®  PRESIDENTAL SUITE and EMERALD mattress )
    • cashmere (collection King Koil ®  GRAND ELEGANCE mattress)
    • silk (collection King Koil ® GISELE mattress )
  • Hypoallergenic
    • the mattresses with not natural materials recommended for people with allergies  (collection King Koil ® DIAMOND PILLOW TOP,  NOBILITY and SWITZERLAND mattress)
  • mattress height -  while you are choosing the bed, you should consider the total height, the optimum height is  60-75 cm (depending on your height). We are happy to show you how to choose the correct height during your visit to our showroom.


  • soft
  • medium
  • firm

The firmness of the mattress is up to the personal preferences, although it is important to consider the weight. Each firmness is  different, on average it is recommended for weight up to 75 kg SOFT firmness, up to 110 kg MEDIUM firmness and up to 140 kg FIRM firmness.
In the case you would like to get additional comfort you can purchase  TOPPER (ie. Top mattress). The toppers are made of natural materials, and can help to lose the join of two mattresses.

Sleeping position

  • back sleeper – any selection 
  • side-sleeper – 5 zone mattresses, it releases the pressure points allowing your spine to stay alined while you are sleeping.

Choosing the bed 

American or Contintental bed is called to the bed made of spring box, headboard and feet. A wide selection of more than 250 colors on several type of fabrics and leather like you can find in our King Koil  swatch you can look  - here.  Real leather can be used to upholster the bed swatch

What makes the King Koil beds so special? Besides the comfortable high mattresses build of up to 30 layers of different materials, is the construction of the spring box and the variability on the selection of headboards we offer you as well the wide selection of materials to upholster the complete bed in order to fit in to the design of your interior. 

Our product range includes two basic types of beds:

BED SET  -  made out of three side frame and headboard.

CONTINENTAL BED (as well called American bed) - benefits of American bed:

  • the bed can be composed of two pieces:
    • springbox ( American bed base ) called as well boxpring
    • headboard
  • you can choose the design and customize the height of the headboard
  • you can set wheels on the spring box for better manipulation.


You can choose from a wide range of sizes, design, colors and materials. We recommend solid material, height 12 cm for easier access to the space under the bed.

Upholstering materials

A wide selection of more than 250 colors on several type of fabrics and leather like you can find in our King Koil  swatch you can look  - here.  Real leather can be used to upholster the bed swatch

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