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  • Matrace Gisele
    Matrace Gisele
  • Kvalitní matrace Serta Gisele
    Kvalitní matrace Serta Gisele
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    Luxusní matrace Gisele
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    Detail matrace Serta Gisele



The smart spring system 'Pocket in Pocket' combined with natural materialsm, make Gisele a high class mattress. This system can be simply explained as a spring in a spring. This technology is absolutely unique since every  spring responds individually and provides the best possible support for your spine. It is also ideal for different weight categories - since the individual system reduces the motion of a partner, you can sleep undisturbed throughout the night. The mattress is double-sided - the autumn / winter side is made from camel wool and the spring / summer side is made from silk. The surface of the mattress is made from a hypoallergenic elastic fabric with Damascus.


  • Special spring system "Pocket in pocket"
  • Double-sided use mattress 
  • autumn / winter - camel wool
  • Spring / Summer - Silk
  • Hypoallergenic elastic cover with Damascus
  • Mattress height: 27 cm

Pocket in Pocket

The Pocket in Pocket spring system enables adaptation to individual needs of every body in all weight classes. That means that the springs are not divided into zones, but every single spring works independently according to the actual pressure. The outer spring is 15 cm high and it has a stronger wire with a wider perimeter than the inner spring. The Gisele mattress offers this technology in density of 256 pcs per square meter.






The Camel wool has amazing features, it is extremely delicate, firm and elastic. It is lightweight and thanks to the thick layer of lanolin, which is wrapped around the fiber, it repels dust and odors. The Camel wool is hollow, so it has excellent thermoregulation properties - cool in summer and warm in winter. Camel wool is collected by brushing the camels manually.




Taštičkové pružiny

Exclusive manufacturing ingenuity and revolutionary coil design combine to create this premium pocketed innerspring.

Produced exclusively 'pocket in pocket' system utilises advanced coil-within-a-coil technology, generating a sleep system that intelligently responds to individual body weights, shapes and sleep patterns.

Strategically targeted springs contain secondary interior coils which, once engaged, increase in rmness as more weight is applied. This “self-posturising” system identi es and reacts to every individual body movement. Joey coils offer sublime levels of sleeping comfort with essential body alignment and support characteristics. 




HedvábíSilk is a exclusive natural material. It is produced from the cocoons of silkworms. Silk is lightweight, strong and shiny. In the production of mattresses it's used primarily for their thermoregulatory abilities - in summer it pleasantly cools, and in winter it heats.



Sizes and prices


King Koil is well known for its production of mattresses tailored exactly to customer requirements. We produce very non-standard size (eg. 205x224 cm) with an accuracy of +/- 1 cm  mattresses, the largest mattress made for a customer in Europe was size 250x250 cm. 



Price list for standard sizes


  90x200 cm 37 711 Kč 45 630 Kč
100x200 cm 42 111 Kč 50 881 Kč
120x200 cm 52 219 Kč 63 185 Kč
140x200 cm 55 608 Kč 67 286 Kč
160x200 cm 64 404 Kč 77 930 Kč
180x200 cm 70 440 Kč 85 231 Kč
200x200 cm 79 235 Kč 95 874 Kč
200x220 cm  95 082 Kč 115 049 Kč


We are happy to advise you and create an individual offer, so do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form, online chat, phone or e-mail.

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