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    Matrace Lyrics
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    Řez matrace Serta
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    Kvalitní matrace Serta Lyrics
  • Matrace Serta Lyrics
    Matrace Serta Lyrics
  • Kvalitní matrace Serta
    Kvalitní matrace Serta
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    Řez matrace Lyzics



The combination of  18 cm high springs and specially layered natural materials predetermines the Lyrics mattress for a perfect sleep, especially for those who prefer top quality and harder mattresses. Mainly natural materials are used during the production such as camel wool and cotton, who ensure that the mattress can breathe and a layer of natural rubber latex ensures proper support for your body.


  • 18 cm high springs (1 200 ks)
  • Shoulder comfort
  • Antibacterial top fabric
  • Natural latex
  • Double sided winter - summer
  • Mattress height: 32 cm







The Camel wool has amazing features, it is extremely delicate, firm and elastic. It is lightweight and thanks to the thick layer of lanolin, which is wrapped around the fiber, it repels dust and odors. The Camel wool is hollow, so it has excellent thermoregulation properties - cool in summer and warm in winter. Camel wool is collected by brushing the camels manually.





Cotton is the most versatile natural material with excellent characteristics. Cotton is soft, strong, breathable furhermore, it is naturally hypoallergenic. Cotton is an excellent material for a wholle year mattress - it cools in summer and heats in witer. Cotton is capable of absorbing moisture and evaporate it during the day.




Taštičkové pružiny

The springs in the "Pocket Spring" system are distributed individually in the interconnected fabric pockets and they are placed in the mattress horizontally to form five different zones in order to let the body distribute its weight and pressure points effectively. The distribution of the zones helps proper blood circulation. The purpose of this spring system is the correct use of orthopedic springs and to reduce motion caused by the movement of your partner so you can sleep continuously. There are more than 260 pieces per square meter, these springs are interconnected, but each one operates separately, that way the body  support is better distributed; moreover they are twice more durable than standard springs.  



Získávání latexu z přírody

Latex can be divided into natural latex and synthetic latex. However, only natural latex can be found in the King Koil mattresses.

Latex is a white liquid produced from rubber trees. It is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, mite-resistant and it does not absorb dust. Natural latex is breathable and has excellent thermoregulation, warm in winter and cool in summer. Latex is a naturally elastic material, which ensures perfect support to your body while you are asleep. Its flexibility helps turning while asleep, without potential unwated wakening.


 Sizes and prices


It is possible to order a customized size mattresses (eg. 205x224 cm) with an accuracy of +/- 1 cm  mattresses, the largest mattress made for a customer in Europe is size 250x250 cm. 



Standard sizes price list


 90x200 cm 33 174 Kč 40 141 Kč
100x200 cm 36 367 Kč 44 004 Kč
120x200 cm 46 361 Kč 56 097 Kč
140x200 cm 51 357 Kč 62 142 Kč
160x200 cm 56 493 Kč 68 357 Kč
180x200 cm 63 155 Kč 76 418 Kč
200x200 cm 69 019 Kč 83 513 Kč
200x210 cm 75 921 Kč 91 864 Kč
200x220 cm 82 823 Kč 100 216 Kč


We are happy to advise you and create an individual offer, so do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form, online chat, phone or e-mail.

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